If you would like to watch Arabic channels and Bein Sports in HD then you should buy Truebox Arabia IPTV,It works very stable all the time.


I live in Christchurch (New zealand) and I couldn’t watch Arabic channels, until I bought your box and that solved my problem. I can now watch around 700 Arabic channels.





Q1. Do I need a satellite dish or computer if I have an Truebox IPTV ?
A: No dish is required with an Truebox IPTV, beacause Truebox IPTV is based on Android OS. You only need an Ethernet connection with at least 2 Mbps in order to get the more than 1000 TV channels with high quality IPTV channels.

The goal of Truebox IPTV is to replace the satellite dishes. For example, with Truebox Arabia you replace

Eutelsat (7.0°E)

Hotbird (13.0°E)

Badr (26.0°E)

Q2. Do I need to connect Truebox IPTV with a router ?

A: Yes, you need a router to connect to the Truebox IPTV. You need an internet connection with at least 2 Mbps, and then you will have access to more than 1000 TV channels.

Truebox Arabia has all the IPTV channels offered by Truebox IPTV.

Q3. Which countries does Truebox IPTV work in?

A: Truebox IPTV works worldwide, and you just need an internet speed of minimum 2 Mbps. You can use your Truebox IPTV all over the world just you have access to Ethernet.

Q4. Does Truebox IPTV have XBMC/Kodi and YouTube?

A: Yes, Truebox IPTV comes with YouTube "and " XBMC/Kodi pre-installed. we also pre-installed Hulu app

This is instruction how to install XBMC/Kodi in case you have lost your XBMC app.

Q5. Can I watch beIN Sports channels with Truebox IPTV?

A: Yes, Truebox IPTV do support beIN Sport channels .

Q6. Which TV channel languages can I watch with Truebox IPTV?

A: Truebox deliver TV channels from all around the world. For example,

You can watch Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, English, Greece, African, Dutch/Netherland, German, French, Indian and Pakistani TV channels.

Q7. Can I return my box if I don’t like it?

A:Yes, you can.

But we are sure that you will love Truebox IPTV. Therefore we offer you 7 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like our box you can send it back to the address below. You will be responsible for the shipping fee back to us and a 20% restocking fee may apply. Please return it back in original condition to

Q8. Where can I check my internet speed?

A: You can check it on SPEEDTEST.NET. You need at least 2 Mbps Ethernet speed.

Q9. Can I watch Arabic TV channels in USA?

A: Yes, with Truebox IPTV you can watch Arabic TV channel in USA. You just need an Ethernet connection with minimum speed of 2 Mbps, and then you can enjoy all our more than 1000 TV channels.

Q10. Can I watch Arabic TV channels in Australia?

A: Yes, with Truebox IPTV you can watch Arabic TV channel in Australia you just need an internet connection of 2 Mbps.

Q11. Can I connect the Truebox IPTV with WIFI?

A: Yes, Truebox IPTV comes with built in WIFI. Where ever you have WiFi you can enjoy your TV channels.

Q12. What is Android TV box?

A: Android TV box is a device that are based on Android OS that gives you access to TV channels. Some Android TV boxes needs to be installed & configured before you can start watching TV channels. But the Truebox IPTV comes already pre-configured. You just need to connect it to your internet and to your TV.

Q13. Can I use my Truebox IPTV to browse on the internet and check my emails?

A: Yes, Truebox IPTV is like a small computer. You just need to open the pre-installed web browser and start browsing. You can even connect your wireless mouse to Truebox IPTV.

Q14. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on where you live. It is 3-6 working days if you live in USA/Canada/Australia. Other parts of the world are 3-10 working days. In December the delivery time is 14 days due to christmas time.

Q15. Do I need to pay any customs fee when I receive the box?

This may differ from country to country, please check it up with your local customs office.

Q16. How do I install XBMC TV plugin add-on?

Please follow the instruction in this PDF in order to install XBMC TV plugin addon.

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